What to Expect

Executive Coaching: Expect Discussion and Exploration, Expect a Judgment-Free Environment, Expect Results.


Kaleidoscope.Consulting’s executive coaching programs are always customized according to the unique goals of an organization or individual. Therefore, sessions will vary depending on several factors, but there are some things you can consistently expect from an executive coaching session and program.

Intake Process

The coaching program begins with an initial one and a half hour session and intake process. This is designed to establish a foundation, evaluate one another and explore the coaching process.

Coaching Sessions

During a session you can expect a conversation full of open-ended questions. Each session is a process designed to work toward achieving a specific result or goal and dialogue is the tool that coaching uses to uncover, explore and discover. Sessions are one hour biweekly and can be held in person or over technology at your convenience.

A coaching session is your opportunity to separate yourself from outside pressures and closely examine your professional performance. You can expect complete confidentiality and a safe, open and judgment-free environment. As an unbiased third party, your coach is someone who genuinely cares about your success, and is there to facilitate your growth, support you, but never sugar-coat the truth.

Most importantly, if you come with a mind open to change, you can expect that coaching will yield transformational results.

To fully understand its impact, the coaching process should be experienced. Contact Kaleidoscope.Consulting if you would like to arrange a complimentary, no obligation sample coaching session.

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