The Kaleidoscope.Consulting Philosophy

Connecting the dots that lead to personal change and professional success.

The Kaleidoscope.Consulting philosophy is based on change and personal accountability. By developing awareness and building on strengths, leaders develop the confidence to drive goal-based performance. And this has a ripple effect. The positive impact on senior management cascades down through the organization, influencing and affecting change on all levels.

Executive coaching is successful because it functions as a collaborative process between coach and leader. Kaleidoscope.Consulting adheres to the notion that solutions exist within the individual. Coaching is the process that enables someone to discover these solutions, clarify them and define an actionable and measurable path toward their vision of success. By owning the process, you own your success.

Kaleidoscope.Consulting thinks differently.


Kaleidoscope.Consulting combines the collaborative coaching process with a corporate experience and mindset. Company founder and president, Rachel Levy, has over 20 years of corporate experience, driving results and developing high-performance teams. As a member of ICF (International Coaching Federation). Rachel is bound by the ICF Code of Ethics and uses accredited processes, standards and methodologies to facilitate change.

What does this mean? It means that Kaleidoscope.Consulting has the unique business understanding and coaching expertise to help you achieve the results you desire.

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